Professional Experiences

  • Structure Data Team, Google Research
    • Software Engineering Intern
    • May - Aug 2017, New York City, NY
    • To break the filter bubble, a subtask is that given a thought-provoking question, from massive text corpora, identify a small subset of news articles exactly/incidentally addressing the question.
  • Local Quality Search Team, Google
    • Software Engineering Intern
    • May - Aug 2016, New York City, NY
    • From review data, using machine learning and MapReduce techniques, efficiently and significantly improve the quality of Related Place Set project.
  • Urban Computing Group, Microsoft Research Asia
    • Research Intern
    • Aug 2013 - Feb 2014
    • Using the massive trajectory data from taxi in Beijing, accurately predict the traffic and the caused air pollution by context-aware matrix factorization and graphical models.

Teaching Experiences

  • Instructor, CS491 CAP, Competitive Algorithmic Programming, UIUC
    • Spring 2016 and 2017
    • Course website: CS491 CAP
  • Instructor, CS491 WF, Intro to Competitive Algorithmic Programming, UIUC.
    • Fall 2015, 2016, and 2017
    • Course website: CS491 WF
  • Teaching Assistant, Data Mining Specialization, UIUC & Coursera.
    • Spring and Fall 2015

Coaching Experiences

Algorithmic Programming Competition Experiences