A selection of my awards and media coverages, sorted by time.


πŸ† IEEEXtreme 13.0 World Champion


πŸ† IEEEXtreme 12.0 World Champion [Details]
πŸ† The Web Conference Best Poster Award Runner-up
πŸ† C.W. Gear Outstanding Graduate Award. This award is for only one outstanding graduate student each year in the CS Department at UIUC. [Details]


πŸ† Google PhD Fellowship, sole winner in Structured Data and Database Management from North America.
πŸ† The Champion of ITA Challenge 2017.
πŸ† 4th place, Fake News Challenge #1. github repo
πŸ“’ Google AI Blog: Announcing 2017 Google PhD fellows
πŸ“’ CS@Illinois News: Two Illinois Graduate Students Win Google Fellowship
πŸ“’ Illinois Tech Association: Champion Picture
πŸ“’ CS@Illinois News: Illinois Team Tests Problem-Solving Skills at ICPC 2017. I’m the team’s coach.


πŸ† Grand prize, Yelp Dataset Challenge, [Yelp]
πŸ“’ TripAdvisor Blog: Mining Text for Review Snippets. My phrase mining methods are utilized and appreciated.
πŸ“’ CS@Illinois News: Illinois Team Advances to ICPC World Finals. I’m the team’s coach.
πŸ“’ Yelp: Winners of Yelp Dataset Challenges. I’m Round 5 winner.


πŸ† Runner-up, Prostate Cancer DREAM challenge, [DREAM Challenge]
πŸ“’ TripAdvisor Blog: Using NLP to Find β€œInteresting” Collections of Hotels
πŸ“’ National Institute of Health BD2K Center: UIUC Teams Won Twice in the Recent DREAM Prostate Cancer Challenges.


πŸ† Computer Science Excellence Fellowship, [CS@ILLINOIS]
πŸ“’ Excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
πŸ“’ Zhiyuan Excellent Student Scholarship (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


πŸ† Gold medal, 2nd Place, Asian Champion in ACM International Collegiate Programming Competition (ICPC) World Finals 2013. Much more related awards in Experience.


πŸ† National Scholarship (China)
πŸ“’ SJTU News: Zhiyuan Students Win Championship at the ACM International Collegiate Programming Finals